blog rog tog nog :) damn girl i fell so hard for you, i cant get back up…

please let there be an entrance to a new start, a new beginning, something good.


Hardcore working out…Just kidding cheap way to look hench bend over slightly
go follow him ^


Hardcore working out…

Just kidding cheap way to look hench

 bend over slightly

go follow him ^

ahhh damn..why did it end up like this? damn i really wanted to work something out.. 

in such a shit mood, tmro is goona be long and dreadful, is there another exit to an good entrance?

i’m never going to give up.

wow its been time since i’ve been on tumblr, nothings changed tho, just another update from me :) first day back form half term, boring as hell but life goes on and lalalaaa..

somebody special - AM Kidd - 

'I don't really know how to say this but..
you’re the only song in my playlist, love.

get a little closer when we hug
but what i’m feeling might be too much..

I wish I was somebody special, special in your eyes….’

i’m always waiting for your reply…but don’t worry cos i’ll always be waiting…till when it feels right for you. 



Maria Ozawa

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its soo boring but hey my followers have been growing, without me doin anything! >x]  tumblr hype maybe? 


exams are over, things seem to be settling a little now which is good back to the standard lifestyle. blehh i should be doin my eng redraft atm but i think doing this came across my mind to be more important. 

so yeah a quick update ;] lifes boring atm 

ooooh~ check out the song above ^ 

been bummin it for ages ;)

My life ..

When someone tells me I’m cute, I’ll be like

When I go out and party, I’ll be like

When someone leaves me, I’ll be like

and when I need a hug, I’ll be like

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3D Street Artist Paintings by Edgar Muller








Yeah, reminds me of Roller Coaster Tycoon when I have to flatten the land. 

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naruto~ ^^ 

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love itttt <33

want me to be honest? 2010 has been SHIT


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